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Lighting Installation & Replacement

Installing a new light fixture requires careful planning and attention to detail. There's no room for error when it comes to electrical wiring, which means you've got to organize properly and learn the regulations to make sure your project is safe and up to code. We can plan the project and install new wiring to light your home.


安装新灯具需要仔细规划并注意细节。 在电气布线方面没有任何错误的余地,这意味着您必须正确组织并学习规则,以确保您的项目安全且符合规范。 我们可以计划项目并安装新的布线来照亮你的家。


Switch Socket Outlet Installation

Electrical outlets, also called receptacles, are easy to install, but the wire connections must be made carefully to ensure safety and proper operation. A wire coming loose from an outlet can create a serious fire or shock hazard.


电源插座,易于安装,但必须小心连接电线和正确操作以确保安全 从插座上松开的电线会产生严重的火灾或电击危险。


We provide safest air conditioner point wiring service for any residential and commercial premises. Air conditioning point wiring can only be done by wiring specialist as it usually involves load calculation and wire sizes selection. We are ready to assist you in finding the right wire size and quality with our air conditioner point wiring service.

我们为住宅和商业场所提供最安全的空调点布线服务。 空调点接线只能由接线专家完成,因为它通常涉及负载计算和电线尺寸选择。 我们随时帮助您找到合适的电线尺寸和质量为您提供空调点布线服务。


Water heaters tend to last seven to 15 years. When your water heater begins to leak, you have to install a new one fast. We'll help you to install and wiring your water heater in less than a day.

热水器可使用的期限是7到15年。 当您的热水器开始泄漏时,您必须快速安装新的热水器。 我们将帮助您在不到一天的时间内安装和连接热水器。


Fan Installation & Replacement

Ceiling fans are both functional and decorative. They are particularly useful in the summer, since they effectively reduce energy usage while creating a cool breeze. Call us and we'll install a ceiling fan inside or outdoors to improve your home’s comfort and air circulation now.


吊扇既实用又美观。 它们在夏天特别有用,因为它们可以有效地减少能量消耗,同时产生凉爽的微风。 联络我们,我们将在室内或室外安装吊扇,以提高您家的舒适度和空气流通性。


We provide auto gate wiring services and installing the door bell.  Call us for your auto gate wiring and doorbell installation, and we will professionally install and set up your electric gate with minimal disturbance.

我们提供自动门接线服务和安装门铃。 请致电我们,我们将专业有效地安装和设置您的电动门。

install door bell

install auto gate wiring


A distribution board (also known as panelboard, breaker panel, or electric panel) is a component of an electricity supply system that divides an electrical power feed into subsidiary circuits, while providing a protective fuse or circuit breaker for each circuit in a common enclosure. Call us now to install / replace your distribution board / fuse box.

配电板(也称为配电盘,断路器面板或电气面板)是供电系统的组件,其将电力馈送分成辅助电路,同时为公共外壳中的每个电路提供保护性熔断器或断路器。 现在打电话给我们安装/更换配电盘/保险丝盒。

Replace burnt out fuse box / distribution board

install main fuse box


Install Sub Meter for calculation of each electric fees of different rooms or just want to install the sub meter to monitor the air cond usage for each room. We are experts when it comes to installing submetering equipment. We take pride in sending our own trained technicians to install every submeter.


Digital sub meter

Digital sub meter

Install EMH Sub meter with sirim

  1. We provide on-site electrical troubleshooting and repair services by experienced electrician.

  2. Commons problems that require troubleshooting includes :

    • Faulty switch socket outlet
    • Consistent tripping of circuit breaker or MCB
    • Flickering lights
    • Electrical shocks
    • burned wiring on meter panel or short-circuits

  1. 我们有经验的电工提供现场电气故障排除和维修服务。

  2. 需要排除故障的常见问题包括:

    • 开关插座出现故障
    • 断路器或MCB一致跳闸
    • 闪烁灯光
    • 电击
    • 在仪表板上烧坏接线或短路

checking and repair mcb tripping

checking and repair flickering light

checking and repair flickering light

We provide installing the door bell.  Call us for your auto gate wiring and doorbell installation, and we will professionally install and set up your electric gate with minimal disturbance.


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